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just how deep do you believe?

May. 15th, 2011

09:11 pm - Welcome to the world, my angel!

Dani River Register was born today at 4:31pm via c-section. It was a surprise for us since I wasnt expecting her to come until Tuesday! My water broke at noon when I was sitting in the kid's play area at Arbor Place Mall. I went home, collected Jayme and Luca, waited on the porch, and my mom came and brought us to the hospital. Now, we have a beautiful, healthy little girl that weighs 7lb 4oz and is 18 inches long :) I didnt panic, i didnt freak out, i didnt even cry! Thank you all so much for being there for me! :) Pictures shall follow soon enough!

Let me just state that for the record, contractions suck. If i had to do THAT for more than about an hour and if they were any stronger than the ones I was having.

May. 3rd, 2011

06:56 am

T- minus 14 days and counting until my C-section. I am sooo glad. I cant wait to NOT be pregnant anymore. I need to just get healed up and find work somewhere and get my shit together. Jayme and I are INSANELY glad to have an awesome group of roommates and a safe place to stay but we REALLY want to try to have Luca out of Douglas County schools by the beginning of next school year. He is doing decently in school and his stomach seems to be doing better too. He is one of the top 5 readers in his entire grade and is now reading 3rd grade books relatively fluently with a little help on the harder words.

Daddy (Jayme) is going to be going to field day with Luca, and so am I if I can handle the heat. His field day is May 12th and I will be 5 days away from surgery at that point, so we shall see. Jayme did his Chemistry final yesterday and he seems to think he did relatively well on it.

I have a WIC appointment today which should be a riot because they are making me take a breastfeeding class that I completely dont need/want to take. I am not breastfeeding so its kind of pointless.

gotta get munchkin on the bus so I will yack at you all later again! Maybe I will luck out and be able to tell you all that I have a new baby next time I post!

Apr. 28th, 2011

06:59 am - less than three weeks to go!

I am 36 weeks 5 days pregnant. Ready to get this over with. I feel ok, but the constant doctor appointments are just getting to be too much. I am dealing with a pretty bad earache this week and am on antibiotics, but other than that I guess I am ok (other than the insane lack of sleep and Luca being sick to his stomach for some reason). Baby Dani looks good, and I am pretty sure that she has already dropped, she just has not been moving much AT ALL the last two days, so I am slightly worried and might try to go in to my doctor early today just to make sure that she is doing alright. It just depends on how Luca's doctor visit goes time-wise. Dax has school pics today too, so I am gonna try to find him something cute to wear for his pictures :) That child always takes awesome pictures. Luca should take smiling lessons from him for his pictures. lol

Will update hopefully soon again. I am just kind of sleep deprived and irritable today.

Apr. 26th, 2011

11:23 am - Here ya go.

Me at 36 weeks pregnant with Dani on Easter Sunday.

Apr. 18th, 2011

12:32 pm

i am 35 weeks pregnant, folks! 4 weeks and 1 day to go exactly! My little girl, barring premature labor, will be born on May 17th! Trent reznor's birthday!

Mar. 18th, 2011

06:49 am - random stuffs.

I dont understand why some people do what they do..

So sad to learn that two children lost their mom last month so suicide and then their dad yesterday. My heart shatters for these babies. RIP, you two. I hope that wherever you are, there is less pain.

In other news, Luca and I both are sick. Sinus stuff. Mine is an infection, his is just an allergy attack. Prednisone should be listed as every parent's worst nightmare. i do believe we have both slept like crap and that he woke up at about 4am as well. I am sending him to school today with a note for his teacher telling her to call me to come get him if she needs to. He is super loud and hyperactive this morning already, but is in good spirits.

Dani is growing like a weed. I am almost 31 weeks pregnant, and hope to keep her from coming out until at least 35 weeks. 36 would be better, but she seems like she is eager to come join the land outside the womb. I feel like at any minute I will have a little hand or foot poking through in the wrong place.

I am really ready for her to be here, just not ready for her to come via c-section. I am still terrified of being cut open while awake. I am scared that they will not have me numb enough and that i will feel something, or that I will die on the operating table, leaving Jayme, Luca, and Dani alone..

also--- FROLICON IS JUST OVER A MONTH AWAY!!! (if i can make it that long!!) I will be 36 weeks along at that point, so we shall see. I may just end up being there during the day one or two days. Jayme is supposed to host strip poker again like she did so successfully last year. That should be tons of fun!

oh well--off to get one kiddo on the bus and another up and ready for the day in a little while!!

i have the most awesome housemate ever. I love the Melodie!

Mar. 10th, 2011

06:09 am - rant.

I am irritated lately. Mainly by the fact that Luca absolutely will NOT sleep after 5am. Yesterday he woke me up at 445, today it was at 415am. I cant let him stay up without me being up too because he wont be quiet and stay in his room, so I have to get up too.
I know he doesn't understand that I have to sleep, but I go to bed at about 9-10 every night and NEED at least 7-8 hours of sleep because I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and tired all the time. Jayme says to get him up for days like this, but I know what a nightmare that would be in and of itself. Now, I feel like a horrible parent because I am awake this early and am EXTREMELY angry at Luca for making any sort of audible sound until its relatively close to time for the bus to get here. He just told me I hurt his feelings because I spanked him for throwing a plastic bag around for the last ten minutes, and it is making me homicidal because I cant get him to just SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET. I think tomorrow if he wakes up that early, I will be spanking him and making him go back to bed whether he likes it or not. I just can't deal with him being up and me having to do ANYTHING IN MY POWER to keep him from waking the whole fucking house up.

That is one of only about three issues that I have at all with being in someone else's house, which is awesome because usually living with someone else other than my significant other causes tons more issues than we have had here. One of the other two issues is that it sucks having someone who doesn't even live here camping out on the couch downstairs like Jabba the Hutt 5 nights out of 7, which prevents us from being able to sleep AT ALL since the light is on all night and shines under our door, especially with our door open (which is the only way to cool it off down here at night, by the way). It also sucks because even though he just HAD to have this new awesome amazing set of headphones, he will crank the volume on his laptop up to loud-as-fuck levels and talk to people on chat for HOURS, without even considering that our 5 year old is TRYING to sleep just about 10 feet from him. He usually waits until everyone else is gone to bed and stays up downstairs until after sunrise. HE IS THE MAIN REASON WHY I CAN NOT SLEEP MOST NIGHTS PAST ABOUT 12-1. Once again, though, not my house so I cant really bitch too terribly much. I just try to lie there and pretend that I am sleeping. Its been really nice the last couple of days with him not here, I have to say.

The only other issue we have had is one that has already been discussed in passing with the lady of the house so no issue there. Thank god for someone who is understanding about us being here and who has given us a chance to try to get back on our feet. If I had to move back in with my mom and deal with my stepdad, it would be terrible because he just wouldn't understand that we can pay him rent, but it has to be in spurts and that we are both in school and that counts as working at least for Jayme. For me, I will be aiming for getting a decent job after I am all healed up from my C section with Dani.

Jayme usually doesn't go to sleep until well after midnight himself. That will change with the new baby, I know..but its insane right now. I am so angry and sleepy and just have too much extra shit to do to be lying in bed all day while the kids are at school. On top of it all, I have been given three MORE doctors to go see, and I just can't do it. I cant afford the gas and I cant afford the stupid ass parking that comes along with it. Who the hell wants to go to the doctor and have to pay for parking according to how long the visit is, when you KNOW that the visit is going to at least be 3-4 hours. Its like there is a conspiracy between the parking deck people and the doctors' offices or something. And then I lie there and have them try to get a picture of baby's heart, and she wont stay still enough to get a good pic, so they refer me to a pediatric cardiologist. Yay.. another doctor. The other two docs are for my benefit. I have kidney damage  because of my high blood sugars over the years, they just arent sure how much, so they want me to go to a Nephrologist (kidney doc) to assess that. The cardiologist is because I am overweight, have high BP and have had high sugars for years.

Ya know--- had it not been so fucking expensive to get my insulin over the years, or so expensive to feed myself decent food, I probably wouldn't have ANY of these issues. I hate the cost of everything health care related. I honestly can not wait to get moved out of this country so that I can have decent health care that doesn't cost so much that I just cant afford any of it in the first place.

None of this is here nor there though, because for the moment, I cant change it. I am just sitting here two hours after being woken up, with my kid sitting on the couch behind me singing DO YOU LI-HIKE MAY-HAKING WORDS? over and over as loudly as he can whisper without me turning around and slapping the hell out of him. He has been doing this and various other irritating things since 4am. I love him, but I swear to god I want to just knock some decent sleep patterns into him sometimes. If he wakes me up tomorrow at 4am, I am just going to let Daddy deal with him--and I promise you--he wont forget that one. Never wake a sleeping cat up without expecting repercussions. /rant

Mar. 4th, 2011

09:27 am - You are all invited to my baby shower!

Or just send me a card for dani's memory book to the address below!

March 26th 2011

Candy's mom's house
6129 North Helton Rd
Villa Rica, Ga 30180

Call Candy for info or for directions:

Registered at: www.target.com in the baby registry section as Candy Satterfield

First of all-- this shower is for guys and girls! Don't be intimidated by gender stereotypes! While I of course do not EXPECT anything, I know some of you would love to know these things. We are registered at Target's online registry under the name Candy Satterfield. We are trying to have mostly purple, hot pink (not too much baby pink--but we cant be too picky!!) and orange for this little girl. What we need most are really diapers (size 1-2), wipes, and clothes. Size suggestions are (since shes gonna be a May baby): spring and summer clothes in sizes 0-3 and 3-6 months and fall/winter clothes in sizes 6-9 months. Anything larger would also be greatly appreciated too! I have a baby bath tub, bassinet,  a bouncy seat, a high chair, diaper bags, changing table, plenty of bibs, and bottles. We also do NOT mind hand-me-downs or gift cards in the least bit :)

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Jan. 30th, 2011

09:27 am

Picture of baby from last ultrasound.  First pic is of her skull on the right and the big fat tummy on the left, second one is of the confused ultrasound technician's lack of being able to tell what the gender of this baby is....because there ARENT any dangly boy bits in the pic.. lol
see hereCollapse )

Jan. 25th, 2011

11:39 pm

oh my god.. this little girl apparently thinks that 11pm is rave party in my uterus time every night.

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